Wednesday, June 30, 2010

112: To be present to eyes and legs and feet and gravity, hmm

What does it mean to be a human being?

Some people say that we are never our “real selves” except when we are in the present.

This may be true, or true for you, or not true, or not true for you.

And surely there is a difference in the quality of your experience when you are in the present.

So this could be one aspect of what it means to be a human: we can be present and aware of that, or we can be lost in the past or the future.

This can be our experiment today: to be present and feel what the difference is, and if, in this difference, we feel something more like “our real self.”

And to be present, I’ll suggest a top and bottom approach. We have two legs and two feet and they carry us around the world, baring accident or disease or some in born problem. The legs and feet carry us from one place to the other, and as we walk or sit, or even lie down, we can feel how our legs are interacting with the world via gravity.

And these feet and a pelvis and a spine carry a head at the top of us. Two eyes in this head, looking out, letting light in.

Play with being present to feet and legs and head and eyes and light today. A big game.

Feel, sense and notice the difference when you are present this way.

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