Tuesday, July 06, 2010

114, emotional learning: choices at the unhappiness node

When to ease away from unhappiness

What if we back off when we are headed down a road that is going to make us more and more unhappy.

This sounds like such idiotically obvious advice, we should suspect that everyone would do just that.

And they don’t.

So, let’s us begin to explore three or four ways we can do this, since if we can only do something one or two ways, we aren’t really free beings on this amazing planet Earth.

So: we are headed down a path that is going to make us more and more unhappy. The first try, might be to notice if we are present to light and sound and our breathing, and see if that might make a difference.

Second: What if we noticed how we were holding our bodies and noticed where they were tight, and made some actions toward helping the tension be less.

Third: we listen to the tone of the voice in our head with which we are ranting, or whining, or worrying, and change that tone.

Four: you figure something out.

This is exploring.

This is living. Learn and have fun. And see what happens.

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