Tuesday, July 20, 2010

119: Practicing thinking, practicing options

what fun it is:

Notice your head in space.

Notice what can notice that.

Turn your nose to the right and your eyes to the right.

Now turn your nose to the right and leave your eyes looking ahead.

Now turn your nose to the right and turn your eyes to the left.

Alternate among these three a number of times, sensing and noticing the difference.

Then rest, and think about noticing differences and how that is crucial to learning, or maybe is learning.

Now take an emotional bothering thing, and play with thinking about it, in alternation, almost as the nose head eyes thing (I.e. don’t take too long on each one): the problem is big and bad and awful. And, the problem is Oh, Well. And the problem is interesting. And the problem is some sort of gift in disguise.

Now rest, and take the inner tone of your thinking words, and come up with three or four difference voice tones for them, and again, in fairly move it along style, practice rotating the reality. Keep playing all day.

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