Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Poem a Day, First Day, the easiest we'll assume

A poem a day, ha
August 3, 2010

There you see it a date
And a possible Goal
Big fucking deal these

And have you ever set out to
Write every day for a 100 days
From 9 to ten in the morning?
I succeeded at that, though
Let me tell you
A coupla Saturdays I really
Really didn’t want to

And have you ever set out to write a poem a day
For a month
A week
A year
I have
Didn’t succeed

So, the inner belief is
Fuck it
Why bother, this is going to

And is there any failure
Really possible
If awakening in the “effort”
And joy in the doing
Is really what it’s about?

So tune in tomorrow:
Maybe this can be done
At least for 40 days

Yeah, I’ll go that one:
40 days of poems
all for you
my love
all for

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