Monday, October 18, 2010

Austin, looking for this and that, and if you know anyone, send them to me:

I'm moving to, and presently in, Austin, Texas. For the winters.

I'm looking for an amazing living situation, perhaps of this sort: in a self-contained guest cottage, secluded and yet accessible to those who want to do my work. Embedded in a big garden, which I will help make even more beautiful. Perhaps rent is traded for work with a special needs child, or someone recovering from a stroke or accident. Perhaps rent is just rent.

A cooperative household of high level of commitment to now, nature and the work of Byron Katie to clarify "issues" might also be a delightful possibility.

Life is discovery. This would be delightful:
A mutual commitment to slowing down in life, to be present to other people, to ourselves and to Nature. Nature can be outside in the trees or inside in the bones and delight of awakened movement.

I teach awakened movement, and awakened communication. Not everyone wants to learn this. Good.

I am a Feldenkrais Practitioner ( and Anat Baniel Method Practitioner (

I have trained for 224 days in the Feldenkrais Method, a combining of judo, physics and brain plasticity, and 200 days in the Anat Baniel Method, an expansion of the Feldenkrais method to amazing levels.

These methods using slowing down, reduction of effort, awareness in the present, a flexible attachment to goals (ie the learning is what matters and the improvement takes place as a by product), a delight in learning, and discovery, variation and resting to increase the brain's ability to enjoy and organize complexity. These all help the so called "body" function with greater ease and skill, and for us older folk, with a feeling a greater youthfulness and standing taller and lighter, and moving both more solidly and gently at once.

I plan to work mainly with special needs children (cerbral palsy, autism, ADD, brain injury), those brain injuried in accidents, and high performing musicians and athletes.

(High performing dancer, in part of her lesson)

This work is also extremely effective and relaxing and painless and neurologically upgrading for anyone with NECK, BACK, SHOULDER, HIP, KNEE, FOOT, HAND PAIN.

I love to create permaculture gardens and participate in healing the Earth and feeding myself and friends. I designed and got off the ground a 3 acre public garden in Sonoma, California called now the Sonoma Garden Park.

In the Summers ( April thru October), I plan to keep living and working in one of the world's most amazing and beautiful spots: orcas Island, Washington, in the puget sound, north of Seattle (north of victoria, canada, actually: way up in the nw corner of continental usa). a place of creative and amazing people cooperating and creating an amazing world together.

I like to eat healthy, some from the ideas in Nourishing Traditions, some green smoothie, a lot of raw, including raw chocolate and raw cheese, milk, butter, meat (ie. not a vegan). In no way do i demand or require others eat this way, but would at least like people interested and curious.

Want an environment where commitment to being present is central and the work of Byron Katie (  is used when "issues" come up. I am a christian of a heretical sort, i.e. i believe the core of a decent and happy human life is the ability to "love your enemies" and "love your neighbors" (And love yourself). It seems to me that being present, and forgiveness are two sides to the same delight: it's all now, and what we hold onto that isn't now is the anchor that keeps us unhappy/ stuck/ afraid/ limit/ sick. My heart tells me that in no way would God narrow down the pathway to him to just coming via Jesus.

I Like to cooperate in the worlds of wakefulness and ecology and healing and transformation. Humor is essential: "I'm not perfect, and you're not perfect and that's perfect."

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