Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Okay now: the importance of love, part 2

Sorry about pictures. blogger won't let me pull them up.

and oh, well.

loving what is, is a big big wonderful ball of liberation.

What does love have to do with anything?

Without it: we are in war with What Is.

With it: we can enjoy what is in front of us.

We can smile when someone gives us a hard time.

We can feel someone's pain, and not feel that we have to be in pain.
We can sit back and feel that person, if we do the Anat Baniel Work,
feel the nervous system, feel the breathing and bones and organization,
and help that person feel more alive, free, happy, at ease,

breathing better,
feeling more present
feeling free to do and be in new ways.

Options to be ourself:

this is what loving ourselves provides.

Options to be yourself:

this is what loving you brings.

And if love goes back and forth:

learning and growing

Good for us all
if we can hang out in the world of
What Is.

What do you think?
Questions and ideas, gladly received.


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