Monday, November 01, 2010

Blaming Others: Ain't it a temptation

Deliver us from evil, says Jesus.

Okay, fine. And what if evil is something like this:
being radically out of touch with our deepest and sweetest humanity

And this, of course, can be the good old fashioned rape and murder stuff

But, hey: this is "civilization,"
and here's how we most quickly get out of our humaniy,
out of love with others,
into separation and blaming.

With this story:
"So and so should have been different yesterday (an hour ago, last year,
you fill in the blank.)

And since so and so wasn't different,
then I have a right to complain, blame and tell others
about how bad/awful/ insensitive
that other person was."

To wit:
I'm good,
they are bad,
and I'm going to bore the crap out of you
by trying to get you on my "side"
about how "wrong"
they were.

When we get lost in this,
we are lost to the present,
and not much fun to be around.

Ah, so.

Perhaps then, that's a good time to
do the work
of ms. ByronKatie;

Judge your neighbor (already doing that in the blame game)
Write it down (ah, do some work, and leave our friends alone)
Ask 4 questions
Turn it around

The 4 Q:

Is it true?

Can I absolutely know it's true?

How do I react, who am I, how do I live, what do I become
when I believe the thought/ story/ opinion/ belief?

Who would I be without the thought?

It's a sweet work,
and it's work,
and it works,
when we do.


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