Friday, January 14, 2011

1004: The Importance of Living

We are all alive,
though the amount of time we spend following our breathing,
or noticing our spine holding up our head in space,
or feeling our feet on the floor,
while doing the "computer thing"
is pretty small.

Oh, well,
stand up for a minute and play with your spine in four ways:
one: fold forward,
two: arch up
three: rotate your shoulders left and right
four: side bend a little bit so your right hand goes down toward the floor, and then your left hand does, at your side.

Do these all "less than your limit"
Do them for the joy of "being alive."

Really, now, get up
(me, too),
let's move and wake to nowing.

Did that shift anything for you?

It did for me.

And now:
do all the spine openers as above,
with this addition: have your hands behind your head.

So when you side bend your elbow go side to side

So when you arch and round your head and back are more connected and
of each other

So that when you twist you can feel this more all up and down your spine.

inertia is hard and you are busy blah, blah,
and get the fu.... up and have more awaking

this is your life

your spine is "central" to who you are?

dance, sex, walk, sit, even sleep: spine is there, there, there,
so up we all go and more

hey, that felt great

okay one more upgrade,
and if you know me, you know I could have about ten more levels,
but just
get up
one more time,
and as you do the round, fold and twist,
let your eyes
with awareness and love
go the opposite way of your head

like this:
folding down, head lowering, belly in, lower back back
and eyes going up

arching up, belly out, butt back toward the back of your head, head tilting up,
and eyes going down

twisting left from head, spine, pelvis,
eyes going to the right

twisting right from pelvis, ribs, head,
and your eyes going to the left

and tilting?
you play with some eye game

okay, up, up,
the computer will be a whole new world after this one:
treat yourself

come on,
do it
and move
and awake
and aware

ah, that's sweet and like many a "vacation"
being relaxed makes it "harder" to plow ahead
in the usual tense ways

oh, well:
that's it for today folks,
the importance of living

and moving with awareness is the treat
you can
always make
a mini
treat to


enjoy your day
and get up
and move now
and then



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