Saturday, January 29, 2011

1006: One Day Late, Doing the Turn Around 3 times three

In the work of Byron Katie,
you know the drill:

Judge your neighbor
Write it Down
Ask 4 Questions
Turn it Around

The turn around, I discovered last night,
has been clarified, and not left to chance.

Do it three ways:

To yourself
To the other
The complete turn around

So last night, a man tortured by his son's "disrespect,"
did the turn around three times three.

First he search for
and found
Ways that he did not respect himself

He gave three examples of that

Then he found how he didn't respect his son

And found three examples of that

And then he did the total turn around
of "My son doesn't respect me"

to "My son does respect me"
and found amazingly poignant examples,
considering how much anger and disappointment he
started doing the work with.

And the turn around didn't
come until the four questions:

Absolutely true
How does that do me in my life, how do I react
Who am I without the thought

try it if you'd like freedom

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