Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday, Feb. 5: Improvement, Being Now, Poem thoughts

Are we ready
To improve the moment
Of knowing that this moment
Is good enough, or better,
That this moment is the now
Is the time to wonder just how wonderful
Our life could become?

To improve a moment
All we need to do is prove to ourselves
That this breath is the real thing,
And take it in
All we need to do, is sink down
Rise up, the Earth pulls, the bones lift
It’s such a delicate balance.

And we need the songs
And we need the dance
And we need the laughter
Or just the peace, the smile at myself
Right now, wanting to be singing and dancing
And I’m just writing these words.

Yee old story:
This should be better
I should be better
Don’t want that kind of improvement
Just want more joy, more skills, more options,
More fun
More peace
More now

More now?

More now?

Holy cow, how
Can you have
More now?

Isn’t now
Just about all the ….
It/you/I/we can be?

I don’t know
And that, sometimes
Is sweet
A good place to be: I don’t know.

More Now?
Seems like a contradiction
Since the only time to get to the now
Is now
And it can never be more
Always either on
Or off
Remembered or forgotten

Remembered: Peace.
Forgotten: stress and worry and un-ease, dis-ease

Come on home
Little mind,
Mind your in and out breath
That’s enough
Improve in that world
The now in and out and now knowing about now

And actually,
That’s the key,
Isn’t it?

The only place we can really change.

And the world is still fucked
Kids starving dying
People living in shitholes, taking drugs, hitting shooting stabbing
Being mean to each other
Crying over spilt milk
Stealing food from babies
Partying while the ship sinks
Running the environment
It’s all fucked up

And I can either follow my breathing and be peaceful
In this fucked up world
Or forget my breath and be agitated in
This fucked up world

That’s a choice.

When I’m aware
I have a choice.

That’s good, wouldn’t you say?
Whether or not “More Now,” is a contradiction,
If I can breathe and smile about the contradiction
Be happy
Even though the world is crappy,
That’s a start,
Of sorts.

How to improve without strain stress
Fuss or otherwise beating the shit out of ourselves
That’s the

Isn’t it?

Are we ready to improve?
Willing to improve?
Maybe, that’s a question, meant to
Be asked happily,
With the answer swirling up in the
Moment of awareness.

And the answer coming to us
Maybe tomorrow or so.


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