Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wednesday, Feb. 1: This Moment's Possibilities

Any moment is as good as any other moment.

Isn’t that weird?

Isn’t that fabulous?

That means this one, this now right now is just as good as anything else in the entire rest of your life. Wait a minute. What about good sex? What about Hawaii? What about laughing? Well, that’s a deep subject. ( Joke: well in the ground, think old fashioned well with water down there. Deep. Get it?)

In any moment there is a sweetness. Some moments have this sweetness more obvious. Like biting into the first peach of the summer, if it’s just ripe and warm and off the tree. That’s sweet. Kissing, hugging, sex with someone you love: that’s sweet. The warm beautiful ocean in Hawaii. My does that feel good.

And what’s stopping us from feeling that good now? Lack of comfort, perhaps. Lack of sweet and easy breathing. Lack of being right here and enjoying this breath, and having the moment yield up something of the non-verbal world, the taste, the touch, the feeling of ourselves as a complete and living being.

This is why sensing is good: it’s a chance to touch ourselves from inside. This is why touching the people we know and love is good: Then we are connected in a real way, in the primary mode of flesh to flesh. This is what every good mother does, what every good friend does, what all animals do: come up close to, touch the ones that they like.

This is a good way to get to the sweetness of any moment. Touch ourselves from the inside with sensing. Bring awareness to all those places we are touching the world right now, with our skin, and through our clothes and shoes. And the touching out from our eyes; what is coming in right now? And the touching in from our ears.

Just to let the fullness of the world be in our awareness and to recognize our ability to be aware and to turn on ourselves on at any moment to this feast. Touch, truth and fun. That’s what it takes to have an amazing relationship.

Touch, truth and fun will go a long way to having an amazing life, moment by moment. If this moment isn’t fun: what’s the truth of what’s going on? Do I have words is my head that are blocking out my connection to reality with some story, some story of poor me, or My Important Schedule, or a yammer imaginary conversation that doesn’t have anything to do with getting me in touch with this breath, getting my in touch with this touch, right now.

What am I in touch with right now, that is real and present? What is the truth of how I’m using my attention.

And what fun things could I do with my attention, what could I do that I enjoy? How could I listen to and look at the world in ways that I enjoy, what amusement could I have by looking at and making fun of myself if I’m lost in some story that is cutting me off from being able to touch my world right now, as it is happening? What thrill to being to wake up from that dream?

What is my moment right now? What is the truth, how can I touch my reality right now? How can I enjoy my life and learn and play a little with doing something in a nonhabitual, or enjoyable way, right now?

Right now is always the good time and it’s always right here. Halleluiah!


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