Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday, June 17: wow: Power of Now,

Is a book that was very popular, and when you read it, you get the idea: yeah, the Now is really the powerful place to be. Then you also get a bunch of concepts about Being and Source and pain-body and ego and whatnot, with the first two capitalized guys the Good, and the last two, the Bad. And there we are again, trying to be good.

To hell with that, I say. Just be present for the fun of it, or the glory of it, or the thrill of it, or the challenge of it. Or even better, combine it with a life of learning and usefulness and build a wonderful life for yourself.

This is short. Life is either short or long, depending on what concepts you want to wing with. And this now, as all other nows, doesn't care about what we think about it, and in this freedom,
and without concepts
this now,
right Now
is just as good as any other.

Isn’t that cool?


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