Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday, June 14, Wake up and Learn, Movement #7, The Power Belly, #1

Wake up and Learn, Movement 7: The Power Belly, #1
We have a wonderful center, and it’s right in the center. Just as being grounded, is just a trite phrase, but means have attention and connection to the real ground under our feet or bottoms, so being centered means to have our attention in our centers. Which is right around our navel, a little below, a little in. Let’s lie down and have some fun, getting to know this area.

!) Push your lower belly out and raise your lower back a little from the floor. Now do the opposite: bring your lower back into the floor as you bring your belly back.

2) Rest. Raise your knees forward toward the ceiling so that your feet are standing. In this position, push your belly out and lift your lower back from the floor, and then press your lower back into the floor and bring your belly in toward your spine.

3) Rest. And then take the same feet standing position, and alternate belly in and belly out, and do this so that you breathe in both ways for awhile. That is breathe in as your belly goes in and breathe in as your belly goes out. Then, do the opposite, breathe our as your belly comes in and breathe out as your belly goes out. This will help show your brain alternatives to habitual ways of breathing and will increased your “centeredness,,” your connection to your center.

4) Rest. Interlace your fingers and put your hands behind your head. As you breathe out and push your belly in, raise your head. As you breathe out and press your belly out, bring your head back to the floor. Do this easily, not crunch fashion, but learn about rib basket, and spine and brain fashion.

5) Rest. Interlace your fingers the opposite way. Raise and lower your head as your power belly goes in and out, and this time have your eyes going opposite your head. This will be hard. So slow down. As you lift your head, your eyes look up, as if to see your own forehead. As you let your head back down, your eyes look down as if to see your feet.

6) Rest. Now lift and lower your head with your eyes going the easy way, looking at your feet as your head lifts and looking up as your head comes back. Notice which way you chose to interlace your hands.

7) Rest. Come to half sitting, which means to raise your back so you are supported with your arms behind you and your forearms and hands resting on the ground. In this position, press forward and back your power back. Alternate doing this with breathing in, and with breathing out.

8) Rest. And see how you feel different. Get up and walk around and enjoy your day.


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