Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday, July 7: It's Okay, or What to ask when you feel badly

It’s okay
To feel good
Even when you feel bad

What the hell’s that mean?
It means, go inside the feeling bad and
A question
Or two
Or ten:

Is this all I’m feeling?
What am I forgetting?

What is the belief that is stirring this bad feeling?

Where in my body do I distribute this bad feeling?

What would happen if I stopped the thoughts and sensed the part of my body that is involved?

What would happen if I saw the thinking as a temporary belief, a mild insanity, rather than set in stone?

What if the opposite of what I believe has some truth, also?

What do I get when I indulge in this feeling?

What would it be like to think of nothing, or something else?

What could I do for myself that I’d suggest to someone else who was indulging in this feeling bad?

How can I divide up the feeling into what’s essential and what’s petty?

How can I see myself ten years from now, indulging in this feeling: what’s that look like?

What would I be like without the thoughts that are behind this feeling?

What would it be like to think of this feeling as something that I’ll let stick around for so many minutes, and I decide the number?

What if I decide how intense this feeling will be?

What if I see and sense and feel this feeling as something I’m doing and ask: is this really what I want to do?

What if I go into nature and come into the present, then what happens?

And so on.


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