Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday, July 10: Happiness Now

Happiness Now.

Is a good idea.


Because it's the only time we are alive
and if we are waiting around for it,
what is our life
in those moments of waiting.

This seems "hard" on a tired
with a picture of
a "hard" commute
on my mind.

Oh, well. Hard schmard.
My mind can focus on my breathing
and my sensing
and my fingers
typing right now
and the sounds
and all that jazz.

My spine can be in my awarenss
and the sweet pelvis,
can rock and roll a little.

Have you visited
Lots of good Feldie moves

And now
happiness now?

Sure, why not?
Beats the hell out of feeling sorry
for myself
because of "hard" commute coming up.



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