Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday, July 16: Two Inconvient Truths = an opportunity to be more alive

Actually two of them:

One: global warming is well of it’s way and the only way to reverse this course is to reverse what we do, as individuals and as political groups.

Two: people are asleep to the present and in this sleep, the guiding force in their (our, for I’m in this boat, too) lives is habit, the inertia of doing things robotlike, as we’ve done before.

So: about the movie: see it.

About our habits around the car: look inside and see what we’d really have to lose if we got out of them a couple of days a week and took the bus or walked or rode a bike. And this shift in our habit, what possible wonderful side effects could it have in terms of shaking us up out of our sleep, and giving us an idea and an actuality of slowing down as we went about our lives?

How could this make our lives significantly better, taking 20 minutes to get to work by walking instead of 5 by car; how could this make the movie twice as good by having a fifteen minute bike ride home to mull it over instead of getting in the steel box and back to being controlled by the automobile? How could our lives by more fun, more rooted in the pleasure of movement and being outdoors if we went to various meetings and the store and the farmer’s market on our bikes?

Some wonderful gains await us, if we are willing to be brave and get beyond our fears of “being tired,” or “being different,” or “being sweaty.” How about this as an alternative: being alive?


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