Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday, July 11: Whole Self Healing: 4 modalities


We are a whole being, and yet much of our life is splitting us up, disconnecting us from nature, from our inner nature, from our awareness of the moment, from inner peace, from our inner abilities to heal and learn and keep evolving and creating. This work, in all its aspects, is about tapping INSIDE to connect us back to who we really are and with that connection and renewal, to have not only healing take place, but our lives transform into fuller and richer and more creative journeys. An indication that we are on the right wavelength is when we feel happy and present to the moment and grateful for being alive moment by beautiful moment.

• CHRIS ELMS FELDENKRAIS®. Connect to learning and awareness and your body/mind in relation to gravity and movement. Link intention, attention and action. Calm down, and discover how you where meant to be as a happy animal on this earth, remember what it was like to roll and run and jump and skip when you were young? Improve thinking, moving, inner connection, well being, breathing, over all health and resilience, and enthusiasm for life and for learning.

Chris Elms Feldenkrais can be of great help to improve these, and more areas:
Walking, running, dancing, singing,
Reading, art, music, tai chi, yoga.

Tennis, golf, any sport, breathing.
Concentration, gardening, studying.

Life clarity
Decisions and transitions
Artists, creativity, teachers of musicians and artists and sports

High performance, professional athletes
Klunky, everyday "getting older" bodies that don't work so well any more
Sore back, shoulder, neck, knees, you name it: pain is the message, wake up and improve.

Repetitive strain, accident, stroke, MS
transformation and rehabilitation.

Cerebral palsy, autism, dyslexia.
Horse riding, love making, tea sipping.

Meditating, relaxing, sleeping, eye-sight.
Reading, math, child or adult learning.

• BODY TALK. Use the innate wisdom of your body’s wish to be whole and healthy to connect all the players in your internal orchestra, to come up with a symphony of beautiful health. This wisdom is the guide to connecting and healing both body organs and parts (liver, pituitary, elbow, sternum) and healing and upgrading mental constructs (old beliefs, stuck past memories), as well as radically streamlined inner balancing procedures. This connection helps you to recharge, reconnect, and heal. So called dis-ease, is often dis-connection. This system brings the connections that bring your innate healing back into effective action.

Here are areas, for which Body Talk can be a great benefit:

Chronic Fatigue
Emotional Disorders
Menstrual Irregularities
Back Pain
Learning Disorders
Sports Injuries
Digestive Disorders

• THE WORK OF BYRON KATIE. A woman who “woke” up in 1986 from years of depression and alcoholism, Byron Katie realized that it was not the world that was driving her crazy, it was her thoughts about the world. She devised a radically simple process to accomplish what might takes years in therapy and that has the same wisdom as Buddhism. The process: judge your neighbor (don’t pretend to be too good), write it down ( slow down the thinking, as Feldenkrais slows down the moving. Slow is the path to waking and awareness in a world of habitually rushing and pushing.), ask four questions, turn in around. That’s judge your neighbor, write it down, ask four questions, turn it around. What are the four questions: see thework.com.

This combines with my wisdom over 30 years of various psychological work. The focus is HAPPINESS TODAY,
and leaving behind all the excuses why happiness needs to wait until x, y and z happen. This is our birthright, this is what we can all come home to: ourselves in the moment. The present is an ever-ready present we can make to ourselves.

This can be in person, or over the phone.

Areas in which this work can be of immense benefit:
Life clarity
Holding old grudges/ people not forgiven
Childhood gunk
Co-worker gunk
Past relationship gunk
Family troubles, children driving you crazy, all that sludge/hell/trouble/resource for change.
Angst and unease
Self-esteem stuff
Lack of inner peace
( Indeed, indeed, while all the other three modalities can, and will, help all of these "conditions," The Work of BK goes right at it. The Work is about the undoing of emotional dis-ease.)

• NATURE CONNECT. To be healthy we need to walk on the Earth, breathe real outdoor air, touch the Earth with our bare hands and bare feet, learn how to slow down and to run and to skip. How to eat healthy. How to say yes to sunsets and no to TV. This is my intuitive assessment of how you can use more connection to a natural style of living to radically increase your chances for deep health, and the health of the planet. We will meet outside and construct connection to present and nature and happiness in the moment. The time for real change, if pleasant and interesting, is now.


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