Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday, July 25: Five questions to lead us closer to us

Sometimes the Body Talk can be done over distance, and my happiness and life enhancement and Byron Katie work can all be done over the phone.
Here’s a preview I request that people do, which is actually a fun way to spend 10 minutes.

Find a timer, and write, fast without stopping to think or correct spelling or make it logical or neat or anything, for two minutes each on the following:

1. What’s bothering you in your life now?

2. What you like about life now?

3. What do you notice in the present?

4. What is your dream?

5. If you can write anything now, what would you write?

If you were doing long distance work, I’d have you email this to me, with a picture of yourself and a picture of some nice spot in nature from which you could (and are requested to) do the work while talking on a cell phone if you have one. I’d require one of those phones that has the cord to a little speaking dealie, so you can have both hands free while we talk. Me I don’t have a cell phone, so I couldn’t work with me in nature, but then again, since I am me, I can just go out and nature and skip the cell phone.

If this seems fun: try this 10 minutes of scrawling exercise. I’m going to go do it now before I post this, in case it’s really hard or weird in some way that’s not obvious.

(Back from trying this out.)
Okay, glad I did that. I’d recommend this: between each question, close your eyes, sense yourself, and follow your breathing. If you hand is tight from fast writing, slow down a bit next question and give your fingers a little sweet massage before you start up again. This old, “getting things done” thing is really in us, or me at least.

If you are able to write with both hands, try doing the what you like question and the what is your dream question with your non-dominant hand.

Don’t take huge breaks between sections, but if the mood strikes you, go find another place to sit or lie or stand if that is your mood before the next question. Enjoy this as a short and easy tapping in to yourself and what’s important to you.


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