Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wednesday, July 12: Babies and Balance and What life is all about

Babies lie around.
They aren’t waiting for anything, really.
They are exploring the possibilities,
trying out life.

Seeing how this moves, how that moves,
some patterns, some
uses of themselves.

They are linking up to intention:
move this hand this way and it ends up
in the mouth.

Move both hands out this other way and arch the back
and twist a little, push the old belly out, that feels
and zowie
I’ve rolled over.
That’s pretty fun.

Later when they walk, they’ll discover balance
actually, crawling too, balancing so as not to
on their faces
actually sitting up, if you tilt too much this way or that
poom, over you go.

Lots of learning
and one persistant
teacher: gravity.

Various limitations: the arms only so long,
legs will go this way and not that,
eyes way up here,
need to turn head or eyes to see over there,
arms and legs have various thingees
between them
that need to be discovered
and re-searched and re-searched
until possibilities of co-ordinated
are dis-covered.

Oh, well.

No complaints.
Fun. Learning.
They are using their brains and their selves to become more
to learn
to move
to act in the world
to live.
This might be a model
for us older ones:

Balance is nice
especially if you are out of balance
(with the Now, with the Earth, with the folks around us)
( with our internal organs and endocrines and whatnot)
and still

Learning is transformative, fun
fun, indeed
what being human is all about.


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