Sunday, October 29, 2006

Conversation with Gub, #6

Me: It’s a new day.

Gub: Happens all the time.

Me: And what did we decide about the meaning of it all?

Gub: Bugs and beetles and Beatles and song and creativity and living our lives: that’s all good.

Me: What about waking up to the moment?

Gub: Ah, such a fine idea. How are you doing now?

Me: When I ask the question that wakes me up.

Gub: Questions are good.

Me: How to stay in the present longer?

Gub: Enjoy it more. If you are doing it as a duty or to be “good” it will always grow stale.

Me: Marlie just sneezed.

Gub: A delight, right?

Me: Yes.

Gub: That’s how simple it is.

Me: But what about all the suffering in the world?

Gub: The people causing it, are they happy and present?

Me: No.

Gub: So, all we have to do is get everyone in the world happy and present and then we can stop suffering.

Me: That’s all, eh?

Gub: Simple. Or not so simple. Impossible, or not so impossible. You know what your Feldenkrais guy says: Making the impossible, possible; making the possible easy, making the easy elegant.

Me: So, no doubt the first step is waking up and happifying myself.

Gub: You bet.

Me: And now is always the great time to start.

Gub: It’s all a beginning, and a beginning and a beginning

Me: Sweet.

Gub: When you remember.

Me: Yes. When I remember.


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