Friday, October 20, 2006

Conversations with Gub, 3

Me: Well, Gub: what’s it all about?

Gub: Nice question to start the day. What do you think?

Me: What’s the good of a Gub, if you don’t answer the Biggies?

Gub: What’s the good of a friend, if the friend doesn’t help you think for yourself?

Me: Are you going to answer every question with a question?

Gub: I don’t know; am I?

Me: How long can this go on?

Gub: What do you think the meaning of it all is?

Me: To ask questions?

Gub: I don’t know; what do you think?

Me: Gub, aren’t you getting tired of this?

Gub: No. Are you?

Me: Maybe one of the meanings is to play?

Gub: What do you feel?

Me: I feel that this is on the right track.

Gub: And what if it’s more like a spider web than a track, going in every which direction and still all interlinked?

Me: You’re still asking questions and I’m not.

Gub: Is that a problem?

Me: Maybe I’m not playing the game right; what do you think?

Gub: What do you intuit about the meaning of it all?

Me: It’s good in there, somehow, always, and we forget.

Gub: See, you don’t need me, do you?

Me: But it’s fun with you, don’t you think?

Gub: Sometimes I think, sometimes I feel, sometimes I sense, and the best times I do all at once.

Me: That wasn’t a question.

Gub: Oh, dear, what shall we do? Have a big ceremony: Gub is Dead? How would that be?

Me: People take the God thing really seriously.

Gub: People love to talk to something Higher and Better and More Clear, which their idea of God, often is. Then again, when he’s used to polish the swords and grease the missile rockets, that doesn’t seem too much like God to me, how about you?

Me: How about me? How about us all?

Gub: Ah, and what if that is part of the Big Picture: thinking and feeling and wondering about: How about us All?

Me: This is a good start don’t you think?

Gub: A fine start, don’t you feel?

Me: Shall we do more?

Gub: I don’t think, feel or sense so, do you?

Me: How can we end this with a question?

Gub: Good question, how can we end this with a question?


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