Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thurs. Oct 26: Conversing with Gub, 5

Me: Here we are again.

Gub: Always here.

Me: And so much of the time, I forget.

Gub: And then you remember.

Me: Yes.

Gub: Well, keep remembering and maybe every once in awhile, you'll forget to forget.

Me: Why are humans so asleep to their lives?

Gub: Ah, the zillion dollar question.

Me: And your answer…?

Gub: Drum rolls….. Well, it's the way of the world. Awake people don't make as obedient of children, as obedient of students, as obedient of workers. They smile and follow their breathing and seem to get less done. They say "No," when someone asks them to do something they don't want to do. They say "Yes" when the weather pulls them outside away from their desks and their housework and their blessed schedules. They laugh at the rush to success and outer definitions of Success. They are content to smile and talk to a friend. They have time to write a letter or read a good book.

Me; So there are lots of reasons.

Gub: Think of clocks and how much people are a slave to the clock. Think of other people's approval and how much people are slaves to that. Think of wanting to "fit in," which is a little different and how much people want to fit in with that.

Me: With all that, it's a miracle any of us are ever awake to the present.

Gub: Well, the present is where delight and love and newness hang out.

Me: The delight of now is a huge incentive, isn't it?

Gub: Yep. And the children of the world are born to be there, and every once in a while they lure people back to the moment.

Me: Nature, too.

Gub: Nature, too, indeed.

Me: Time for me to go outside.

Gub: And when is the right time to be present?

Me: Now.

Gub: Righteo. Have fun outside.

Me: Yes.

Gub: Yes.


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