Thursday, November 16, 2006


Bones hold us up. Without them we would splat on the ground, we would be helpless blobs, life would be dull and boring.

Bones hold us up, so we can float through the world, two feet moving us in any direction and eyes and ears picking which directions we might like to go.

This is a good scheme, a wonderful scheme and someone in there could be aware of the possibilities. Now. Which way would be easiest to move? Which the hardest? Hmm.

Not this now, surely.

Well, actually, yes, this now: which ways could we move easily and which would be difficult, this is worth knowing. In some situations this could save our lives. In other situations, we might get profoundly more clear just who and where and how we are in the world in this very wowie nowie moment.

Ah, time to take in a breath and enjoy this possibility, the possibility of being more clear in our life and our moments.

In this moment, of all things.




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