Sunday, November 19, 2006

Conversation with Gub, #7

Me: So, what's it all about, Gub?

Gub: Haven't we been through that?

Me: Well, today's a new day.

Gub: Now's a new now, wow's a new wow, weeee's a new weeee, and so on.

Me: Yes, and what's it all about?

Gub: What do you think?

Me: Your turn to answer first.

Gub: It's about enjoying yourself, in a certain context.

Me: Like, being good.

Gub: No, no, no. People have been killing each other and themselves for centuries trying to be gooder than they really are.

Me: So, what is the context.

Gub: Making the world enjoyable for Nature and other people as well.

Me: As in, not having tons of goodies while your neighbor is starving.
Gub: As in, moving to set up a world where everyone can enjoy themselves.

Me: What if some people enjoy themselves by going to war, or snarling at other people, or hating their parents.

Gub: That doesn't really sound like enjoyment, does it.

Me: I guess we should define enjoyment.

Gub: I'm bug backwards, lower than the dog backwards Dude ( or Dudess, with the modern folk). I don't have to define.

Me: Ah, so. But enjoyable has an element of simplicity in it, correct?

Gub: If your enjoyment too fancy, then you are going to end up wrecking the Earth or some other people or person to get your enjoyment. So going for a walk, planting a garden, talking to a new person, talking to an old friend, watching the sunset, these aren't likely to use up and wreck the Earth.

Me: But what of the people that just have to rush off to Costco to buy another something?

Gub: Start with you. See how awake you can be in talking to other people. Master that and then worry about converting the world.

Me: But that's hard.

Gub: So is stopping their habit. See if you can wake your heart and your awareness while you talk to other people, all other people, especially the people you take for granted. This is enough.

Me: So, for me, learning this is what it is all about?

Gub: It seems like that's so.

Me: Ah, then life is work.

Gub: Life is a miracle. Waking up to that seems like work, and it's worth it, wouldn't you agree.

Me: Yes.

Gub: So, there you go. It's about learning and waking up and simple enjoyment and being awake when we are around other people and stopping our taking for granted of each other.

Me: Ah.

Gub: Ah, indeed. Pretty good for a bug backwards, eh?

Me: Yes.

Gub: Yes, indeed.


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