Saturday, November 18, 2006


The Sun is shining.

I haven't been outside yet.

I haven't drunk my wheat grass juice yet.

I've been doing some yoga and some writing and now….

I'm doing some following of my breathing.

Marlie is in the next room doing yoga.

Life goes on.

It's a Saturday.

Life is good.

It's 8:33 in the morning. I woke at maybe 5:30 and got out of bed at 7:07. I guessed it was 7:07 and then the clock agreed. So what, eh?

Lying in bed without getting up, to breathe, sense, think, not think, sense, not sense, move and breathe and meditate and sense and be warm, ah, what a nice way to start the day.

Especially if you recall one of my pieces of advice on how to have a fine relationship: always sleep naked.

Now, though clothes on, almost time to get off the computer for the rest of the morning.

Ah, life back on my own two feet and outside. Good. Is yours good?

I hope so.


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