Monday, December 11, 2006

Mine eyes have seen the distance, and it is Good

An important and wonderful part of being a human being is to walk in or near open spaces where we can see into the distance. We spend so much of our life looking at a computer screen so near to our faces and indoors in rooms where everything is but a few feet away. When in our cars, sometimes we get to look into the distance, and that may be one of the few good things about cars, but it is through a glass, darkly or not so darkly, and we have to keep our attention on the wheel and the road and the possibilities of danger and the need for safety.

As humans, we evolved in nature, and I do believe it was in open plains, not the dense forests, but that doesn't matter. Even a redwood forest has a clearing now and then, where you can at least look up a couple of hundred feet to the tops of the trees and a couple of miles up to see the sky.

Where is the horizon?

Right now. In your life. How far would you have to walk from where you are sitting reading this to get a nice view of the horizon, some pleasant view of sky meeting earth that carried your mind and vision out into the distance.?

Feet on the ground, feeling the weight shift from side to side, this is one of the wonderful pleasures of walking.

Pushing yourself forward as the back leg pushes into the ground, propelling ourselves with our own muscles and coordination, this too is wonderful and healthy and fine.

And to be aware of the land and world around us, near and far, as we walk down a path, or along a sidewalk, or down a beach, or over a meadow, as we move forward and the world appears to move backwards and recede to our sides: this is food for our souls and our selves.

Light coming in the eyes and the shapes of the world being transformed by our brains into the known world, this is all more than just science, this is one more glory of life, one more miracle, that these rays from the sun (photons, waves, photon-waves), shot into space a mere eight minutes ago, traveling 93 million miles in that eight minutes, bouncing off the mountains in the distance and then into our eyes and we walk and breath and see the mountains and feel the beauty and grandeur of the world.

This is good.

Feet, breath, earth, the distance views, our eyes, the magic of light, the magic of vision. This is all good.

Let us partake, every day if at all possible.

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