Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Importance of Now

Pretty Apples on a Tree

Apples in the Garden (R. Dale)

If we want to heal, where is our most powerful place: being now.

If we want to be happy, where is our most important place: now.

If we want to let go, forgive and get on with our lives, where is the place to be: now.

To be alive is a miracle, and we forget in our rush and our hurry.

To slow down, even in this instant and recall and notice our breathing is to begin to return, right now, to a life of sanity, peace and pleasure.

When we sense our bodies in the present and notice our breathing in the present and pay attention to light and sound and the wonderful world outside of us (or maybe a room that needs cleaning), we are in reality.

Reality is our greatest gift, if we will only be so kind as to give this gift, this present, to ourselves.


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