Friday, December 29, 2006

The Wonder of Life

mushroom in forest on Christmas Day
Poking up in forest on Christmas Day


Life loves being alive. Life doesn’t care that it’s a new year. Life wants today to be the best, the sweetest, the most wonderful day. So, hey, what the hell: let’s make this day just that.

Let’s follow our breathing.


Let’s get into the now.

And how.
Let’s make silly rhymes, all the time. Or sometime. Or plant some thyme.

Let’s eat right and smile.

Let’s find everyone that still bothers us and get clear with them.

Let’s get outside and walk, or do yoga, or ride our bikes, or garden, or hike, or skip, or dance.

Let’s dance in our garden.

Let’s putter in our garden.

Let’s learn a new musical instrument.

Let’s write a little bit each day, and say something to a friend with a voice and mind and heart full of delight at having a friend to share something with in a voice and mind and heart full of delight.

If no friends are around, let’s talk to ourselves that way, on paper and in the mirror.

Let’s talk to the sky and listen to the sky, talk to the Earth and listen to the Earth, and listen to how nice it feels to move slowly and with awareness and listen to how nice it feels to move with rhythm and joy.

And so on.

Let’s have a grand day.

(Note. The essays are rotating through the three blogs, more or less one per day.
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