Thursday, July 12, 2007

Awakened Beings and Suchnot

The nice thing about Byron Katie
(you know,
is that though she shows all the signs
of an awakened being:
no desires,
no real sense of self
(listen to her or read the latest,
Thousand Names for Joy,
where she enjoys her body,
doesn't think it's real,
loves being a woman,
doesn't think that's real,
loves the sights and sounds
of the world
and doesn't think they are real).

To finish the sentence:
even though she shows all the signs,
she never uses the word
or realized,
says that's just one more concept
to take us away from reality.
won't claim anything
except to have had
"a moment of clarity"
which just happened
to have radically changed
her life.

She doesn't even have desires
that people do her work.
It's just there,
and she keeps offering it,
because people keep asking.

when she's with people
she says that our suffering
and what we are going through,
she can understand from our point of view,
from hers none of it exists
and since there is nothing left
of her,
we are her
when she is in interaction with us.

One of my favorite times with her
was at one Nine Day School
she came into the room
(no bowing or whatnot,
just smiles of love
to everyone in front of her)
and said:
"Isn't it a beautiful day,
even though none of it is real."

Another favorite
at a New Year's Juice Fast,
people getting cranky,
someone stands up and starts
chewing her out,
she's beaming,
lets the woman finish,
and says to everyone:
"Don't you just love it.
Isn't she speaking for all of us."

So be it.

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