Sunday, August 12, 2007

Benefits of this Work (DNA Yoga, and Feldenkrais), and Who Can Benefit

Partial list of Benefits

•Improve coordination,
breathing, comfort

• Increase balance, sports,
daily life

• Heighten clarity of thinking,
and problem solving

• Brain re-wiring

• Becoming younger in
learning, attitude, and

• Prevent injury

• Avoid surgery

• Ease and transform pain

• Reduce Stress

• Get smarter

Partial list of Who Can Benefit

•Meditators, and gardeners

• Athletes, professional and

• Musicians, dancers,
actors, singers

• Yoga students, and teachers

• All teachers

• Depressed, confused, stuck

• Seniors

• Special Needs Children

• High performers wanting
relaxed acceleration

• Anyone wanting improvement
in their lives

Five Paths to Heaven
1) DNA Yoga
2) Wake Up Feldenkrais
3) The Work of Byron Katie
4) Nature Connection, Permaculture
5) Now


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