Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Coming Soon: DNA Yoga

just what the world needs, right,
a new form of yoga?

And then,
in a way,
this is a return to the ancient form of yoga,
and perhaps it is exactly what the world needs.

And what is the ancient form?
A search for inner stillness
and inner peace
and inner connection
to Something Higher,
either in ourselves
or in the Universe.

Ananda (the A in DNA) Yoga,
is all about connecting to this Higher.
The intension is the concentrate on
sending energy up the spine
to the area of the front brain
called the third eye.

To help this along
every pose
has an affirmation attached:
With calm Faith I open to Thy Light.
I am calm and poised.
I joyfully manifest the power of God (my Higher Self)

and so on.


As in taking advantage of how Moshe Feldenkrais
re-explored how children learn,
by "mistakes:"
and variations
and experimenting
and being in the process.
Yoga is often so dreary with its
emphasis on
This is the Right Way.

The Right Way
may indeed be a fine way,
but if the human being
can't discover and know that
for herself or himself,
it's just one more Rule
that is pushing us around.

So, DNA yoga will be about discovery.

And N,
As much as possible,
classes will be outside,
bare feet on grass, for
the standing poses.

As much as possible
the class will be about not
Doing it Right,
but discovering
what it is to be a human being,
a breathing
and living in gravity
and having awareness
human being on this planet earth.

for Ananda Yoga.

A for

a delight.
a way out of our misery
a way back to ourselves.
a way to wake up
to the glory of life.

Call me
if you have a time
you'd like this
DNA yoga to be taught.


weekend workshops'
will be set up
to combine DNA yoga,
and the Work of Byron Katie

Talk about transformative possibilities.


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