Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Yoga: Tadasana, Mountain Pose

Yoga on a Monday:


This one is

and oh, so beautiful

Stand with your feet firmly planted
on the ground

bring your eyes to the horizon
go a little below
and a little above

see if you can find a position for your neck
that leads your eyes to being directing parallel to the Earth
to the Earth

But let's not
be so simple
with the simple

let's explore some more:::::

The affirmation here is:
I stand ready to... connect with my Highest Self
I stand ready to obey Thy least command
I stand ready to live in the Here and Now
I stand ready to live life to the full

you pick

the rest of the posting
can be found,
as usual on Mondays,
over at
Tai Chi Yoga Weight Loss Health Blog

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