Saturday, December 29, 2007

I would love for you to come join...

marlie yoga
Marlie inverting and twisting: a good time can be had when we try something new and interesting

Why I would love for you to try Sufia Yoga?

I have had so much fun inventing and doing this mixture of Feldenkrais and yoga and tai chi and chi gung and Pilates that I would love for other people to experience this joy. This combines some of the wonderful moves Moshe Feldenkrais brought from judo to his work. I will teach a rolling up to sit from belly down on the floor, and from lying on our sides. Both are fun and efficient ways to come up from a down position. Both involve a big use of lots of our bodies. Both allow us to use our brains and coordination in ways we might never have thought of before.

I include a mixed movement that combines the abs building and focusing of Pilates with a movement that Feldenkrais invented called “head under the gap,” which is a premier way of combining lengthening and strengthening our backs, and twisting and lengthening our spines and side bending to create flexibility in our ribs and gets our brains going by learning several ways of breathing, and helps balance and coordination by showing up how the force of a foot pressing into the ground goes all the way up through the spine.

And more!

It’s so different in words, so fun to experience.

And then there’s a yoga sequence of warrior one, warrior two, side angle pose and warrior three like no one has ever taught before. The sequence I’m sure has been taught, but linking each pose as a chance to clarify contraction and expansion of our whole being and spine and awareness, ahh, this could be a sweetness for anyone’s life.

So , if you like yoga, come. If you don’t like yoga, and just (just!) want to feel better in your body, come. If you want to participate in an ongoing meditation on our living in gravity, air and light, come. If you want to play and learn and discover and feel good and increase your whole self’s connectedness to your whole self, come.

New Year’s Day. January 1, 2008. 10-11:30. Sonoma Ballet Conservatory, around the corner from the post office.

Oh, and did I say, I’d like to see you there?

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