Thursday, March 26, 2009

One thing leads to another

Upon awakening this morning,
I was in the mood,
as often,
for the conscious and slow
and attentive and
deliberate movements,
invented a bit,
repeated from old favorites a bit,
of my Feldenkrais self.

But today,
I had the urge for some weight bearing
to accompany the moving
and discovering.

I am staying now
with my daughter in Oakland,
an amazing and beautiful light filled
with none
of the rocks I often like to use
as weights.

But she has what many of
can easily use for a little lifting
and moving weight:

So I found some big heavy books
and moved them around,
and being a reader,
couldn't help but search/ gaze/ explore through
her huge number of other books
as I lifted and twirled and moved.

One title popped out:
No god but God.

Opening it
and reading where the opening fell
I came to learn that in Islam,
the Qu'ran itself, the beauty
and fullness and richness of its language,
as the Word of God through
Mohamed the Messenger,
is the miracle.
(Moses need magic as his miracle thing,
Jesus needed healing.
The Qu'ran is the miracle for Islam>

reading in one hand,
some book weight moving in another,
pages move along
skipping here
and there

and an old
the light verse:

here is goes:

God is the light of the Heavens and the Earth.
His light is like a niche in a wall in which there is a lamp,
The lamp is within a glass, and the glass is a shimmering star,
Lit with the oil of an olive tree----
A tree neither of the East nor of the West---
Whose oil glows though fire touches it not:
Light upon Light!
God guides to His light whomever He will.
God gives examples to humanity,
and God has knowledge of everything.

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