Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day Eleven, Kingdom of Heaven, 2

The Kingdom of Heaven, again

Let’s see if being “Now” and the Kingdom of Heaven are pretty close.

Or the same.

Or one is the doorway into the other.

And how are we going to go about that today?

First, like this: any time we feel as if “things are so great,” come back to the present, come back to sensing our arms and legs and spine, come back to our breathing, and see if that creates a grand shift.

This is not a rule.

This is a chance to experience for ourselves the effect of shifting back into present reality.

Add on looking at what is in front of us, for our present reality.

Are we actually seeing what’s there, as we sense the five lines and follow our breathing.

Does this seem like it begins to open the door to the Kingdom of Heaven?

This may require we actually stop the ongoing activity, and give ourselves a little slow time to come into the now this fully.

And is that little “stop” another doorway to the Kingdom?

Is that Kingdom of Heaven always there, and we are just so busy rushing around that we don’t have time to enter, to come home.

As they say, “Slow down and smell the roses.” In a rush, we don’t have time for the roses. In a rush we don’t have time to open the door to our soul, whatever that is. But the Kingdom of Heaven, we have a sense of what that might be.

Let’s go for that, via the now and sensing doorway, today.

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