Monday, November 02, 2009

Day Two: Sensing Breathing, Too


This very breath, the one you are taking right now. Can you feel and enjoy it in all it’s entirety? This breath comes, goes, and then the next.

Usually we aren’t aware of our breathing.

Today that will be our focus: to be aware of our breathing, while we sense our two legs and go about our day.

And it was hard enough yesterday, right, to keep attention on remembering to keep attention on our legs and feet and knees and skin and bones and all the way to the hip joints.

And now breathing.

We are alive.

Air and gravity. This is the stuff of life.
This is enough to bring us to awaking.

And hey, it’s hard, isn’t it?

Maybe better to give up ideas of awakening, just keep drifting, just keep doing the best we can. And yes, keep doing the best we can, and underneath that to give ourselves the present of the present, the gift of now.

This is it.

This is the moment, and if we are following our breathing, we can know we are really there.

If we are sensing our legs, we can know we are really here, right where we happened to be, right now.

Where are you?
What does sensing your breathing and your legs tell you about being where you are right now?

This is something that we can do while walking, while showering, while making breakfast, while making love (it will make us a much better lover), while working, while playing, while praying. We can be present in breath and legs. Yes.

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