Thursday, November 19, 2009

DAY NINETEEN Arms, and legs AND spine

Arms, and legs AND spine

If a child draws a person, they draw five lines with a head on top. Two legs coming together in a cone shape, then the spine going up with the head on top and two arms sticking out. Sometimes a dress is drawn on this, far easier to draw than pants and shirt.

Let’s add the spine to sensing our arms and legs.

This is a good step, a sweet step to having an ongoing sense of our skeleton as we go about our day.

This is a fantastic way to be present.

Also fantastic to be aware of when we your slopping ourselves around in our sitting and standing and moving and not taking advantage of the miracle of having our skeleton and awareness as a sweet unity.

And as always, when is a grand time to “do” these sense our legs meditations? These sense our arms and legs meditations? And now this one, this sense our arms and legs and spine meditation?


Yes, now. As we read this page on this book, our legs are in some position in the world and so are our arms. Somewhere in between them, connecting to the pelvis, is our spine. Somewhere holding our arms via our ribs and shoulder blades: our spine.

For fun, lets round our spine a little, right now, no matter where we are. And then arch it. And breathe easily and freely with delight and ease.


And then some rotating, head to the left, ribs to the left, pelvis to the left and back to the middle a few times. With ease and delight. Then some rotating to the right. That’s right.

All day, best we can, spine, arms and legs. And breathe.

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