Monday, November 30, 2009

Day Thirty: Down and Dirty, or Not: Being Present, Again, and again and...

More exploration of the present

We are all real and amazing at our core.

And yet we can go through our days without any realization of that, so wrapped up are we in the details of doing one thing after another, or having one thought after another, or having one conversation after another.

Whatever we are doing, we could be “there” with ourselves as well as attending to our task.

Sometimes we do that.

Sometimes we don’t.

And so, once again, let’s glory in being present, with this addition: one or more times today, let’s go “outside” and walk and see if we can take ourselves in this walk, in the present.
We can follow our breathing as we walk.

We can be aware of seeing what we are seeing as we walk.

We can leave our cell phones behind, so if we are talking it will be either to ourselves and we can notice this, or we can be talking to a real person at our sides.

We can sense our arms and legs and spine and notice just exactly what we are doing with each other them.

We can be listening to the sounds of nature, or our footsteps, maybe even the sounds of our breathing.

This might be a nice way to be all the day, but hey, for a walk, this is a great way to be, and a great start to being awake and aware and present in our lives.

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