Friday, December 04, 2009

Day Thirty-four: studying happy and unhappy

Studying Happiness

Sometimes we are happy.

Sometimes we aren’t.

What if happiness were more or less our birthright, and when we are unhappy, we have a grand and glorious chance to learn just how we take away ourselves from our birthright?

To learn: How do we throw away our happiness?

So today, make a study: when are you happy?

And: When are you unhappy?

Notice three things: What kind of thoughts you are having when happy and unhappy?

And: What is going on in your body in times of happiness and times of unhappiness?

And: Are you present when you are happy and are you present when you are unhappy?

Actually, notice four things: When you discover yourself unhappy, do you get more unhappy about this, or do you get curious?

So have fun, and don’t be too serious, but be more than a bit honest: when are we happy, when are we unhappy? What are happy thoughts, what are unhappy making thoughts? How is our body when we are happy?

How is it when we are unhappy?

And, hey, here’s a good place to discover: if we are “unhappy,” and don’t want to struggle for happiness, and don’t want to nag and demand ofourselves that we shift in an instant, what place can we exist which is neither happy, nor unhappy? Where can we find a neutral place from which to make a new stance in our day, or in our life?

Happy awaring.

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