Sunday, January 03, 2010

63: Seeing the tree, part 2

Looking at a tree, 2

Some have said: if you want to learn about Love, spend time in Nature.

I am one of those people.

We’ve had one look at a tree day, already, back some thirty days, so time to put Nature in our hearts and minds and awareness as the center of our day.

(Of course, if we are playing the sensing our 5 lines game, the two arms, two legs and one spine, we are in the nature of being alive in a human body, and the nature of having an awareness to be aware of being alive and to be aware of our 5 lines. This is a particularly useful way to live one’s live.
End of mini-sermon.)

Today, sensing our five lines or not, let’s turn a sweet and useful part of our attention on nature outside our windows, nature outside our homes, nature outside our eyes and skulls and brains.

Of course, this body, this long tall skeleton on two feet with the look see listen hear smell and taste stuff up top was designed in Nature and by Nature, so hey, let’s make today a day of:

“Be aware of the miracle of being in a human body while being out in Nature, or looking out at Nature, or imagining Nature.”

What’s out there to look at touch listen to feel smell taste? Depends on where you are the season your cloths and time and space and spirit.

And, get out some, even ten minutes, no matter how cold, even in the gosh darn rain, a little bit, and see what you can do to fall in love with the source of Earthly life.

Let Nature remind you of God. Let your connection to God remind you of Nature. Let one spill into each other in the silence and peace and ease that is being in the present.

Do your best, but don’t try too hard. Just be awake to Now, Nature and Love/ God. See how they flow in and out together.

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