Monday, January 04, 2010

64: There's always more, but what...?

Sixty four and more, but more what?

More love, we could say, in total New Age bullshit splendor, and it would actually be true, but what does it mean?

Well, this is the essence of Christianity: love God, love your neighbor, love your enemy.

Does this sound like love everything? If our neighbor is the Earth, and it is, the commandment seems to be: Love it All.

And how, it has been asked for millennia, how to get there?

Well, kind of like this: do the work of Mss Byron Katie and you end up loving everything.

And here’s the gift: some person snarls at us. We do the Work, and we end up loving them. They keep snarling, or not, their business. We love and are free.

More love.

How to pull that off. Ah, a nice muscle to develop, eh? And that’s the game today: love more.

Love what?

Love anything, and if you can’t, if I can’t, if we can’t, we can do the Work of Byron Katie.

Or ask God to help.

Either way, get it done: go to the love, and don’t be judgmental of ourselves if we “can’t,” because we can, it’s just “work,” which is why it’s called the “Work” of Byron Katie.

Ask the questions: Is it true? Can I absolutely know it’s true? Who and how am I when I believe and attach to the thought? Who and how am I when I don’t have the thought, or don’t attach to the thought?

And the turn around, what is their to learn about me from my judgments of others,


And that learning can be one more thing, one more complicated and simple all at one dance of life, one more dance to love. Go to it today. Have joyful, learning fun and waking up to loving it all, today. And all your days.

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