Saturday, January 30, 2010

day 90: Go outside, and see what now tastes like there

Outdoor visitors on Orcas winter day; (Strangely, they first came around on Thanksgiving)

Go outside, and be; go outside and be aware; go outside and breathe.

Take a walk, just for the pure joy of taking a walk.

Go for a walk outside for the joy of being alive in this moment, always this moment, and being outside and being alive and in life.

Go outside and be present. Whatever your way is. Following your breathing perhaps. Noticing which foot is pushing the ground.

Play a little with your feet as they touch the ground, sometimes putting your awareness on, say, your little toes, and then your ring toes, and then your middle toes, and you’re your second toe, and then your big toe.

Sometimes play with awareness more in your heels, sometimes on the left edge, sometimes the right, sometimes the toe part of your foot.

Go slowly. Leave your feet alone, leave your breathing alone, just walk, notice, enjoy.

Just be alive.

And know you are alive.

Without any words.

Just know it.


Taste how you know it.
Taste how you enjoy it.

Look around, easily.

Back to the feet awareness and how are your arms swinging and what is happening with your spine.

Then just being.

Just you and your awareness and your life, outdoors, present and alive.


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