Wednesday, January 20, 2010

80: Alive and Now, Good?, Good

The heavy hand of Now. The light sweet hand of Now.
Hand it to yourself. Eighty days is a long time. You’ve gone on lots of adventures.

You can be following your breathing right now.

Sensing your five lines right now.

And go back to feeling good about yourself for having come along for eighty days.

And stay present, if you so desire and enjoy and learn from, to sensing and to breathing and to looking at what’s in front of you and hearing what’s right now.

Skip all the interpretations, if you can.

Smile at them, or do the work of Byron Katie, or let them go, or let them slide to the background as you sense the now.

Just stay present, stay happy and keep the game going.

The heavy handed reason to live in the now: when we don’t live in the now, our life is not really ours.

The light handed reason: life feels so much more bright, clear, vital and alive when we are present.



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At 5:50 PM , Blogger don said...

cool pics. thanks,


At 8:57 AM , Blogger Pat Jobe said...

Thank you for the notion that if we do not live in the now, our lives are not ours. It feels to me that Byron Katie is constantly leading me to nonexistence, nonbeing, emptiness, very Buddhist, but also nothing at all. I'm at if you want to come back, but no need to. After all, I don't exist.


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