Sunday, January 17, 2010

77: Other people are what they are, big surprise

Other people are what they are

This is a world full of people, perhaps too full, but that is a statement that could be put to the, “Is it true?” test.

So there are either too many people, or not enough people, or just the right amount of people, and this is life, there are other people around us.

And, the world being what it is, if we have any spunk and vitality and individuality, sooner or later this is going to “rub someone else the wrong way.” Meaning, they don’t like how we act, or think, or talk, or dress, or….

The list goes on and on,

Often what people get upset about is ---surprise, surprise—what we get upset about: they don’t think we listened, or respected, or appreciated, or help, or like them enough.

We’ve had these feelings about others.

Others have these feelings about us.

This is how life is.


So, we are playing the letting other people be what they are and loving it game today.

Look at it like this: they are pretty much fully going to keep doing what they always do. Maybe a little suggestion can get through to them. Usually not.

For now, try this today: just as much as possible love whatever their point of view, their wishes, their set up in life. What are they all about? How does their world work? What is “good” for them? What is “bad?” What is going well for them? What is not going so well?

Maybe you can be of use or service, maybe not, but leave yourself out of it, except to be happily and playfully present to the other people in your life today.

See what this feels like.

See what the present can bring for you and for them.

It could be quite amazing. Enjoy finding out.

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