Monday, April 12, 2010

Day Thirty-three: Looking at a tree

Go look at a tree. Without the filter of demands and projected ideas about what a tree is feeling and thinking and judging about us, we can just hang out in love around a tree. If we slow down and give ourselves the time to experience this tree, and then open to listening to and finding the love inside this slowness.

Nature is a reminder of how easy love can be.

At times in my life, my holy trilogy has been: Now, Nature and Love, and I have woven words to the effect of helping us remember how similar these all are.

The tree and love. Go look at a beautiful tree, and give yourself enough time to really appreciate it.

Our first hint about love: if we don’t spent time with one another, if they are just a passing experience in the rush of our lives, how can we love? And going beyond the hint: spend enough time in nature today to find a tree, and give it some time and easy attention. Not just a rushed glance and then back to so called “thinking.” But real “quality time,” look at and really take in with love, attention, gratitude and wonder (and maybe even curiosity) the tree, or a whole bunch of trees.

As you give yourself time and permission to “hang out” with this tree, notice the following freedoms: we are free from caring what the tree thinks and feels and opines about us. We are free, in other words for those addictive behaviors we have around many of our fellow humans, free from caring, worry, striving for the usual: trying to get outside approval, love, affection, attention and so on. This would be ridiculous with a tree. And so, we are free to simply ( and this simplicity is huge), look at and maybe even SEE the tree.

AND we don’t have any requirements for the tree: it doesn’t have to be taller, or lose weight, or be wittier. It doesn’t have to like us more or laugh at our jokes. It doesn’t have to “understand” us, or “take our side.” It doesn’t have to give us anything.

It is just itself.

So here’s our ticket for loving the tree: we don’t want anything from the tree, we don’t demand anything from the tree, we are obsessed with the tree’s take on us. We judge not. We fear not the tree’s judgment.

We spent time with the tree in a state of non-wanting and nor-demanding. And we fall in love.

Nice hints.

Nice hints indeed, and don’t just nod in agreement, or frown in disagreement, but do go on outside and find a tree and give this a try.

And then the rest of the day, see, hear and experience as much of nature as fully as you can. See when the falling in love happens.

When it doesn’t.

Notice for yourself what seems to make the difference.

Enjoy the learning and don’t worry about “getting it right.”

(Your own body and breathing can be part of the ongoing exploration if you can’t get to “outside” nature today.)

Use as much slowness and awareness as possible.

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