Saturday, July 10, 2010

116: Soul: As on Earth as is in Heaven.... huh?

What can a beautiful flower teach us about connecting at the same time to Heaven and Earth, and the oneness of It All?

On Earth as it is in Heaven

What does that mean?

It means what you want it or understand it or sense it or intuit it to mean.

This book is a second go round of 108 ways in 108 days of living life to the full, using the underlying concepts of BEING PRESENT and lifelong learning through the concepts of the Feldenkrais Method, which are, among other things: learning as noticing differences that make a difference, and finding connections we previously were missing.

Today we’ll try out one way: the be “on Earth” is to bring us closer to being “in Heaven.” Which means what?

Sense your relationship to gravity all day, every moment if you can. You can’t, I can’t, but give it a go. Sense your feet, or your rear end, or your bottom and your back if you are in the usual slumping/ sitting posture: sense them all as how you are relating to gravity.

That’s “grounded.” That’s the Earth.

And as you do that, have some connection, in your understanding/ intuition to a connection to “Heaven.” Awaring of light. Awaring of the vastness of Life. Awaring of God. Awaring of silence underneath all.

See if you can feel at once Heaven and Earth and their oneness.

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