Sunday, July 18, 2010

118: Happiness, a sexy possibility

Happiness is not a sin

Somewhere along the line, many of us got in trouble when we were young and enjoying life more than the worn out and weary adults around us and they scolded and yelled or frowned or looked wounded or some darned thing to convey guilt to us about our joy.

And we might have elements of that training still left.

And then again, in various churches and weird interpretations of the Bible, almost anything enjoyable can come up “bad,” be it dancing, card playing, being lazy (surely not the only way to live, laziness, but without at least a bit every day it’s almost as if life is worth living), and especially the big bad “fornication,” which, delightfully, is an F word.

Leaving aside all the complications that sex can create in people’s lives by being confused with approval, or being used for manipulation, or driving people crazy because of dependency, how can we go about today as if we were as happy as if we were having wonderful sex?

This can be if we are with someone on not, are having good sex, or bad, or none.

Just allowing and cultivating that orgasmic and post orgasmic feeling of satisfaction and peace and fullness.

Let’s explore a day as if happiness were the opposite of sin, as if it were the underlying current of who we really are.

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