Thursday, January 06, 2011

1001: love and death, or emptiness and everything

Bark on Madrona tree on Orcas Island

Woody Allen had a movie love and death
his take off on War and Peace
and it was sort of funny
in the way Woody Allen movies
are sort of funny

and then again,
how many movies have I made,
sort of funny, or really funny,
or not funny at all

oh, well,
maybe this year
I'll make on

maybe not

at all rate

love is a death
a death of the usual way of living which
is that life is all about
"me, me, and me"

Now, the other side seems to
obsessing about the other
as if abandonment will be the end
of me
or not being with the other is
that's not love:
thet's "me, me and me" with the story
that "me, me, me" is okay, wonderful,
finally not a wretch
if I have "you, you, you" attached

nah, love
is annihilation,
it's the moth to the flame in
I stop "thinking" about me
and just
am fascinated by
want to understand, enjoy and be
with you

and being with you
means letting you alone
when you need time alone

it's all so simple
and we make it so complicated


love is emptying the mind
of "what's in it for me"

it's emptying the mind of
"now I'm okay because someone wants/ loves me"

it's emptying the mind of
"I did this for you, so
you need to do that for me"

it's emptying the mind of
"I said 'I love you,' so now it's
your turn to say, 'I love you.' "

it's emptying the mind of
"I'm not okay unless you are loving me
as much as I love you"

it's forgetting the torment of
"if you really loved me you'd do....,
or feel...., or say....."

it's just coming to the moment
opening the eyes and heart
and from that emptiness
all that can really happen is love

it's only our stories that keep us
from love

and so the death of the story
is the birth of love

and is that true?
who knows.

empty your story around your friends
and your loved ones
and yourself

and find out

happy loving and dying


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