Friday, February 11, 2011

1008: Friday, the 13th, not: Friday before Valentine's day, yes... What is Good?

What is true?

What is good?

What is beautiful?

Somehow I remember these as the (THE) Q's of philosophy.

And what is true?

You are sitting or standing or reclining somewhere, reading this.
You are aware, or are not aware of your breathing.
Same for me.
Okay, so that seems true: two organisms, beings, humans, on this
planet, both knowing language. English.

Is that true?
Well, you are breathing and can sense and feel that, and your head
is held somewhere in space in relation to the rest of you, and you can
feel that, unless you've had a rather severe injury.

What is true?
Words about the "ongoing moment" aren't that glittering
or nourishing,
and the
experience of the ongoing moment is
very peaceful, and nourishing.

To me, anyway.

What's your truth?



Heck if I know.

It's good to be warm, it's good to walk,
it's good to have someone to cuddle with at night,
IF that's what you have,
and it's good to sleep alone and have all the bed to
your warm and wiggly self
to move and dream and squirm
and experience
all by yourself.

Valentine's Day is for Lovers,
they say,
and is what "they say"
ever true?
Often not.

So, to heck with "they."

And what is Valentine's Day for?

Marrying yourself.

Kissing yourself in the mirror.

BEing amused by any "my sweetheart sweetest lovey, lovey
you are telling yourself.

And even more amused by the lovie , lovey, loverly lovely stories
that you are your Mate

This is so often love's sweet mask:
yes, yes, we both believe the
"we are so wonderful together" story,
the "we are so in love" story,
the "we have such a special thing" story,
that we don't have to wake up
and be present to each
other today

we'll just coast on the story

la, la

for some it lasts and lasts, this story,
and some actually use the positive
and grateful framework of that story
to look at
TODAY (as in Now,
as in True, see above)
this mate, friend, partner, stranger,
caretaker of billions and billions of brain
cells that aren't ours,
and experiences that aren't ours,
and thoughts that aren't ours,
and knowledge, learnings and knowings
that aren't ours

They are different

oh, well

on a good day, we love that

on a bad day, we resent that and want them to be

and on really good days,
we see the sameness
the oneness
all that good stuff
beneath the differences which we love

We are all life
or awareness
or someone

we are all ONE

"They" say,

and maybe they are right,
who knows



A flower
a blue sky
a friend laughing
us laughing
a friend being alive
us being alive
the quiet sweet joy of an empty mind

these are my opinions

I'm not a philosopher
and I'm a lazy person this Friday afternoon,
and Valentine's day is Monday

Good: write yourself a love letter,
if you have a mate
and if
you don't have a mate

If you want to send one to them,

And if you have estranged edges with someone
try this:
write from them to you
a love letter
where they say, you doing the imagining and writing,


It sounds weird.

It's worked
for me.
"Worked" = ???

Find out if it "Works" for you,
and if there is other sh.. hanging on
in your heart,
then it's in your thoughts
and there's
always the
the Work of Byron Katie
to sweeten your love  for self
for another
for life

play in those fields if you want truth that leads to peace
and beauty


happy V love and waking up day

which might as well be them all, eh?


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