Saturday, February 19, 2011

one more time, "tired" and whatnot, so let's see what happens

how about a few pictures first,
to avoid the writing;

Sonoma garden

Orcas, in the winter,
which I'm avoiding this year

Austin one morning this winter,
just to show how far 
"avoidance" will get you

Okay, time to "get to work"
and is that true?

I'm at an airport in the middle of california,
waiting for a plane.....

The plane will take me to Austin,
so this seems like a  journey, right.
going somewhere
i've never been to Austin.

i know two people there,
one a friend of my son's,
who my son is sure will turn me on to lots of people
for the amazing work i do
and a friend I met at a conference, in chicago last summer,
a friend who has disappeared since our time together

my friend's son won't call back,
has answered one email,

no one is interested in helping me get started in Austin.

it's october 16 of 2010,
that's last fall

october 16 of 2009 I started living on Orcas island full time,
and wanted to do something else for the winter

i'm 65 years old

so I'm on a journey
that you are on:
I was born,
way back here,
and now I'm here

and I lived up here,
and I'm going to here

and before Orcas,
which was a couple of months in the summer of 2009
i lived in.

the facts of all the places aren't interesting right now

born 1945
so far 65 years later,
i'm at an airport
on the way

where was I halfway between 0 and 65,
let's call that 33
and I was in Berkeley, my son is two years old,
he was born in Berkeley,
the son who grew up to have the friend,
Jake Silverstein,
who is now the editor of the TExas Monthly
and maybe he'll get back to me someday
maybe not.

Southern California to Northern California
Betkeley to Sonoma
Sonoma to cutting loose in February of 2009

12 years of Sonoma
22 of Berkeley,
two of the great places and why would I want anything more?

have you ever got tried of "really great" according to everyone,
but you wanted something more

like awakened people

or a climate less jolted by global warming

or a different scene just for a different scene

or you didn't think your work was respected enough in the "home town," a
and wanted to take it somewhere

or, a relationship was over
and that seemed the end of an era
and it was time to move on

sweet gal
8 years
we decided to split
blah, blah,
I'm tired of that one,
i'm tired of why I left Sonoma

I wanted to see the world

on January 31, 2009 my former girlfreind of 8 years,
holds me in her arms and i hold her,
and she cries and we part

we have been friends
gardeners and bike riders
explorers of Byron Katie, and yoga and Feldenkrais and hypnosis
we've read books together
created two gardens
slept outside for months on end in two different location
gone on some great camping adventures
had some fine talks
created a lot of healing for each other
helped raise her second daughter together a bit,
had some sweet times
and 5 months before we decided to part ways

why wait until january 31?
we'd found the almost perfect place in the country
and neither wanted to give it up,
and we'd started there feb 1, 2008
so I said i'd leave feb 1, 2009
we'd part

why did we decide to part?

the journey of awakening,
she didn't want to join

the journey of the Feldenkrais Anat Baniel work,
she didn't want to join

i wasn't being allow to ply my trade craft art on
the almost perfect land (picture of the roses in the
garden above)

reasons, reasons,

time to go

she drops me off,
I'm in Berkeley, and I've set up a month in Tuscon starting a week later in February.

I go to various places, one in
atlanta, I work on a table like this with a special needs child,
bently grace,
her picture is in my composite

and the Tucson sunset

and the Arcata farmer's market

finally in June i arrive in Orcas

many places have been touted as reallly great

to me, Orcas is.

reasons, reasons:
keys in the car
everyone knows permaculture
library as social center
interweaving fun house people taking care of each other

and it's heaven

and this and that happens which would take too long to explain
and some travelling to Gunnison Colorado

and the back to Orcas in Ocober of 2009
and then there for a year,
but for training in the Anat Baniel systen

which is.
anyone want to move better

anyone want to lie of the table and feel better

and october 16 2010
I'm on a plane to Austin,
and someone I don't know is
picking me up

John Green and Brigette Reece,
who live on Reese street in Sunset Valley
are going the couch surfing thing for me

three nights
i help them with their garden

22 minutes

man, this is great
and i'm still tired

luckily a friend has designated herself
as the pull this together person

good luck
thanks to

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